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Improving Assistance in Inclusive Education Settings II- Project Launch

The creation of fully inclusive education systems across Europe is a goal that many of us are working hard to achieve. While providing adequate support and training to teachers is an important step towards helping us to achieve this goal, it is vital that role of educational support assistants is not forgotten and that they too are provided with the appropriate level of support.
Ending in 2017, the first Improving Assistance in Inclusive Educational Settings (IMAS) project showed that there is no clear and consistent learning framework, that can support assistants in schools and other educational settings, to work with pupils with disabilities. IMAS II aims to follow up on this, to ensure the further development and strengthening inclusive competences of paraprofessionals.
The Erasmus+ funded project aims to develop a set of web-based knowledge boxes in order to help education assistants in their daily work with children and young people with disabilities.
Over the course of 3 years, the partners – ARCIL (Portugal), Chance B (Austria), EASPD, Agency VISION (Bulgaria), CSIE (UK), TENENET (Slovakia) and the Universities of Graz, Trnava and Coimbra – will work to develop this insightful on-line tool which will include videos, power-point presentations, quizzes, etc., enabling an easy and quick way for paraprofessionals to expand their knowledge and to enhance inclusive competences for their practical work.
The Project’s kick-off meeting was held in Graz, Austria on the 19th and 20th October, to find out more about the project and its next steps you can read their first project newsletter here.
Read it also in Bulgarian and in Portuguese.
For more information, visit IMAS II website here