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INNOSERV – Social Services Innovation


FP7 - Social Sciences and Humanities, Coordination and Support Actions CSA


Project Duration

The project lasted for 23 months from 01/02/2012 to 31/01/2014



11 Partners

EASPD is coordinating the project


Main Objectives

INNOSERV is a project focusing on identifying the potential of innovative social services in the fields of health, welfare and education. The aim is to bring together various stakeholders to mutually assess recent trends in science, practice and policy, to identify knowledge gaps, and to then propose research questions and agendas to address them.

  • Implement a multi-level dialogue process involving a wide range of stakeholders from research, policy making and practice communities;
  • Produce short visual examples combined with theoretical case studies of ‘innovative’ practices. Publications will summarize the results of the debate and formulate future research needs;
  • Design the process, its timetable and outputs in close cooperation with the European Commission as key user of the project outcomes.

Contact details

Sabrina Ferraina, Policy Officer

+32 2 282 46 15