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Join the webinar of the European Parliament’s Disability Intergroup on the European Disability Rights Strategy 2021-2030!

The European Commission has released the European Disability Rights Strategy 2021-2030 and to discuss about this new strategy, the Disability Intergroup of the European Parliament is hosting a webinar on 30th March, 2021 from 13:30 –16:00 CEST. This virtual discussion calls upon all disability organisations, experts and activists, EU institutions and national authorities to have a first round of discussion on the central aspects of the strategy and how to implement it.

In an attempt to make the webinar more accessible, there will be real time English captions and international sign interpretation. To register for this online event click here. The Disability Intergroup played an intrinsic role in the creation of the Disability Rights Strategy 2021-2030. The strategy is a holistic approach at improving the lives of persons with disabilities in Europe. It focuses on achieving full social and economic inclusion of persons with disabilities, without any discrimination. In order to attain these goals, the strategy is based on the UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities, ensuring that disability rights are taken into account across all policies being created.

The virtual event will be kicked off by David Sassoli, the President of the European Parliament. During a session on the technicalities of the strategy, Katarina Ivanković-Knežević, Director of Social Affairs and Inclusion at the European Commission will give a presentation. The webinar will also include the participation of Gerard Quinn, UN special rapporteur of the rights of persons with disabilities and Helena Dalli, European Commissioner for Equality.

The Disability Intergroup of the European Parliament is an informal grouping of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from all nationalities and most political groups who are interested in promoting the disability policy in their work at the European Parliament as well as at the national level. The European Disability Forum (EDF) cooperates closely with the Disability Intergroup and acts as its Secretariat.