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Launching of the ALDO Project: identifying best practices

ALDO (Adults with a learning disability – Observatory of Best Practice) is a Lifelong Learning project which aims to support improvements in the quality and accessibility of education and training for adults with a learning disability by identifying and validating best practice approaches. Its objective is also to promote an increased use of the best practice resources identified by raising awareness of the resources and presenting them in one central online portal or observatory.

In order to achieve these aims and objectives a series of best practice examples from a range of geographical and educational situations will be identified, assessed and considered. As a large proportion of adult learning takes place in non-formal and informal learning environments, examples from ‘non-traditional’ educational settings will be identified as far as possible.

As one in every six adults in Europe lives with a disability, by identifying and promoting best practice approaches ALDO will significantly improve the quality and accessibility of lifelong learning opportunities for adults with a disability, who are more likely to be discriminated against than almost any other group.
Through the online observatory a series of best practice models and resources will be extensively disseminated. ALDO will therefore support the objectives of EU2020 by supporting education and training to enable all citizens acquire and develop skills and competencies needed for their employability and foster further learning, active citizenship and intercultural dialogue. 

The ALDO project formally began on January 1st, 2014 with its launch meeting taking place in Ireland on January 16th-17th, 2014. The project will run for two years and the final conference will be held at the end of December 2015.

Are you aware of any best practice in your country, at local or national level, on adults with learning disabilities? Please let us know as your best practice could be eligible!

For any further information, please contact Tim Ghilain,