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Legal Capacity & Access To Justice For Persons With Disabilities: The Way Forward

On the 26th March 2020, the I DECIDE project, developing tools for supported decision-making, and the Just4All project, focusing on access to justice of persons with disabilities, will join forces in a conference to showcase promising practices and foster discussions about the concrete implementation of the legal rights of persons with disabilities in the EU.

Persons with disabilities experience higher rates of discrimination and rights violation than persons without disabilities. Especially regarding their legal capacity and their right to acces to justice in equal basis as others are being denied accross the EU despite the different Human Rights principles and commitments taken through the European Charter of Fundamental Rights (CR) and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD).

The current time is key with the 10th anniversary of the Charter and the 10th anniversary of the ratification by the EU of the UN CRPD: it is time to go forward for the full legal capacity and access to justice for persons with disabilities. The development of facilitating legal frameworks and the design and implementation of national strategies should be done in full cooperation with all stakeholders, including the full involvement of persons with disabilities and the recognition of the fundamental role of support services.

With speakers from the European institutions and legal experts, the objectives of the conference are to:

1. Create more understanding on the current challenges and steps needed for the
implementation across the EU of the UN CRPD articles 12 & 13 as well as the article 26 of the CFR.

2. Determine key actions for EU policy-makers and Member States as per access to justice of persons
with disabilities.

3. Disseminate the deliverables of the Just4All and the IDecide projects.

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