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Lighthouse Network 2020

EASPD's Lighthouse Network 2020 is resuming its activities from September to December 2020!

The Lighthouse Network is a space of contact among experts and organisations that express needs on certain topics. It is engaged from (and for) our membership. Selected experts will help organisations to improve their knowledge and/or to increase their capacities through advice, training and ad hoc recommendations.

In 2019, the Network helped five peer organisations in the areas of Change Management, Supported Decision-Making, Person Centred Technology and Inclusive Education. After study visits to the organisations, the peer-experts organised workshops, drafted recommendations and provided one-to-one support in the organisations that requested the support. The peer-experts then organised a workshop in the EASPD Autumn Conference (Helsinki) and a series of webinars to promote their work and share the expertise with the EASPD membership.

To support its growing Lighthouse Network, EASPD is looking for:

  • An organisation willing to benefit from an expertise in the field of Supporting Decision Making;
  • An expert in the field of Inclusive Education.

Are you an organisation or an expert interested in any other topic? Feel free to contact us as well!

Are you interested? Willing to take part in this adventure?

  • If you are an applicant organisation interested in gaining expertise through peer-learning: please email a short description of your organisation (1 paragraph max.) and why you are interested in receiving an expert/how you plan to use this expertise (3 paragraphs max.) to Ms Zoé Lardou, by 17 August 2020.
  • If you are an applicant expert: please email your CV (max. one pager) and motivation letter to Ms Zoé Lardou, by 17 August 2020.