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Looking to the future of support service provision for persons with disabilities.

As part of its work to support the current and future support needs of people with intellectual disabilities Unapei have launched a new initiative: ObServer. ObServer is a real-time observatory of the current and future support needs of people with intellectual disabilities. To support the future development of the tool Unapei are looking to gather further information about similar systems in Europe.

What is ObServer?
The ObServer platform aims to collect objective and reliable data to act effectively on public disability policies. By aggregating the fine data made available by the service providers, updated in real time, ObServer allows users to know the support needs and the answers currently provided to people with disabilities in the territories it covers.
As a result, ObServer is a key tool to help:

  • service providers to continually adapt their offer of support.
  • people and their families to defend their right to support quality and proximity for a life course without break.

What does ObServer do?

Today, the secure platform ObServer allows its users, from the analysis of the "profiles" of the both persons with support and persons without an adequate answer, to identify and evaluate the needs at whether at the level of a service, an association, a department, a region or at the national level. In a few clicks and in an intuitive way, the platform gives access to statistical graphs on the perimeter and from the selected filters.
Do you currently use a similar system within your organisation? Are you aware of such a system that is currently in use in your region? If so Unapei would like to hear more from you. To tell them more about the system that you are familiar with please contact Mr Olivier Le Diberder by 14th July 2019.