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Lovelife 2



European Union's Erasmus+ programme



1 September 2016 - 30 August 2019



  • develop a training programme on relationships and sexuality aimed at supporting staff and family carers across Europe
  • train people with a learning disability as co-trainers to deliver this training
  • hold information events in the different partner countries where the piloting will take place.


  • United Kingdom: Learning Disability Wales (LDW). A national charity representing the learning disability sector in Wales. LDW will be coordinating the project.
  • Austria: Salzburg University of Education Stefan Zweig. A higher education college in Salzburg for the training of teachers who have developed and delivered training on these issues for special needs teachers.
  • Belgium: The  European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD) will contribute research activity and disseminate information about the project.
  • France: Papillons Blancs. A service provider who supports over 1300 people in Dunkirk. They have taken a particular interest in these issues and have developed a resource pack and DVD that has been distributed across France.
  • Germany: in.betrieb Mainz. An organisation that provides day services for a total of 580 children and adults. In 2015 they created 'Liebelle', an information and counselling centre for people with disabilities, family carers and support staff.
  • Netherlands: Parmeijer. A major service provider supporting 4500 people in the Rotterdam and Southern Netherlands region. They are an innovative organisation, have a track record of developing training programmes and have a small team of staff providing support to individuals on these issues.
  • Slovenia: CUDV Draga. A major service provider in the Draga region employing 450 staff with a substantial track record of providing support on these topics through trained psychologists and other trained staff.


Jeff Van Hecke, Event Officer

+32 2 233 77 20