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Meet the candidates for the open position within the EASPD board (elections General Assembly 18th May)!

At the General Assembly (GA) on 18th May 2019 in Bucharest, Romania, 1 position in the EASPD board will be open for election.

Meet the candidates who applied for the open position!

List in alphabetical order:

  • Mario J. Gerada, Foundation for Social Welfare Services, Malta - Read his motivation HERE
  • Bernadette Grosyeux, Centre de la Gabrielle, France - Read her motivation HERE
  • Ludmila Malcoci, Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association, Republic of Moldova - Read her motivation HERE
  • Andreia Moraru, Dizabnet Federation – The network of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities, Romania - Read her motivation HERE
  • Aikaterini Gavriela Tsaligopoulou - Ergastiri Eidikis Agogis MARGARITA (Vocational Training Center MARGARITA), Greece - Read her motivation HERE 

Voting rights and procedure for EASPD members


Which organisations have the right to vote?

All full members (umbrella members organisations and single agency member organisations) with a paid membership fee (current and previous years) and/or correctly followed membership agreement have the right to vote. The vote is calculated as follows:

  • Umbrella Member Organisations (UMOs) have 4 votes
  • Single Agency Member Organisations (SAMOs) have 1 vote
  • Observer members have no vote
Who has the right to cast the vote?

The voting right should be executed by the legal representative of the member organisation (the director, manager, CEO, etc). EASPD has listed the members’ legal representatives in its database, according to the information provided by each organisation. The members should proactively inform the EASPD secretariat about the change of the legal representative of their organisation as the voting ballot will contain the name of the person you have last communicated to us.

What if the legal representative cannot be present to cast the vote during the elections?

If the legal representative cannot attend the General Assembly, he/she can give a mandate to another representative of the organisation to vote on his/her behalf.

What if no representative of an organisation can be present to cast the vote during the elections?

If no representative of the member organisation is present at the General Assembly, then a proxy (a representative of another member organisation) could execute the voting right. If the legal representative does not mandate a person to vote on the behalf of the organisation its vote is lost.

What is the procedure for mandating a proxy for the elections?

This can be done via the mandate form provided the EASPD secretariat. The form should be signed by the legal representative and provided to EASPD before the General Assembly both in digital and hard copy.

What is the maximum number of mandates a member organisation can have during the elections?

Each member of the General Assembly can have maximum 2 mandates: one for his/her organisations (in case the legal representative is not present) and one for another organisation. 1 person can cast a maximum of 2 votes if all of the above conditions are respected.

Is postal voting possible?

Postal voting is possible, but not recommended. This can be done by using a voting form which will be provided by the EASPD Secretariat by 3rd May to the organisation requesting it. The voting form should be signed by the legal representative and sent to EASPD both in digital and hard copy (by postal mail) by 10 May 2019 at the latest.

Where should the mandate form be sent?

Digital copies of the mandate - signed and scanned, should be sent to the EASPD Secretary General, Mr. Luk Zelderloo at by 10th May at the latest. 

All election documents are available on the EASPD member section which can be accessed with the member's login details. 

For any questions, please contact Adriana Popa, Membership Officer: