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Members voice: Job Carving – a positive support measure in Malta to foster employment of persons with disabilities.

Malta is a history-rich small archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, consisting of the main island of Malta and the smaller islands of Gozo and Comino. In 2015, Government committed to enforce the 2% quota, which denotes that for employers hiring more than 20 employees, at least 2% of the workforce must be persons with a disability.

Along with gainful fiscal incentives made available to Enterprises to facilitate the employment of persons with a disability, the Lino Spiteri Foundation (LSF) was founded to provide private enterprises with concrete services and support in job creation, recruitment processes and consequent job coaching of persons with disabilities.
Job carving in essence is creating employment opportunities (jobs) that are equally i. person centred and ii. relevant to enterprises, whilst enabling enhanced job satisfaction and job retention especially for the more vulnerable and lower skilled groups. Job carving was introduced as a means to close the gap between the “requirements” of existing vacancies in enterprises and the “preparedness” of the disabled jobseeker. The “carving” exercise is driven by enterprise requirements and the existing competencies and skills of the jobseeker with a disability. It consists of carefully examining occupations and work-flows of a given enterprise with the aim to develop a new or revised job profile which may constitute elements/tasks from other jobs/roles. LSF then shortlists candidates (singular or groups) that possess the relevant competencies with the scope of placing them in a job that augments their chances of success. Following the selection of an individual, the carving continues throughout the induction and initial phase of employment. The whole process of carving to interviewing through to placing individuals is done in collaboration with the respective enterprise.

From January 2016 till October 2018, LSF has carved numerous jobs resulting in gainful employment for 330 persons with disabilities in private enterprises across Malta, which accounts for 50% of the total number of placements LSF registered in the same period. Job carving is further complimented by job coaching on the workplace further supporting the person to reach full potential within the role and improved social integration at the workplace. The positive measures of job carving and consequent job coaching have resulted in a job retention rate of over 90%.
Looking to the future, the potential of job carving is such that it supports the incremental introduction of new skills and tasks thus enabling space for role development.  This in turn enables leverage in negotiating advancement, promotion and/ or improved benefits and salary for these individuals in the longer term.

Esmeralda Micallef Zarafa
Chief Executive Officer, The Lino Spiteri Foundation
November 2018

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