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A multilayer strategy for research & INnovation in service provision

The development of innovative models that will better support persons with disabilities requires a multi-layer strategy for generating new knowledge and transferring it from theory to practice. We have been busy setting up new partnerships and developing project proposals that will help us to build a more comprehensive approach to our research & INnovation activities:

FocusINg: health, gender and ageing are three new focus areas. Access to health services, better integration between health & social care, persons with disabilities getting older and the gender dimension in service provision are now high on our agenda.

Cross-cuttINg: the intersectional analysis of variables such as gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and age is necessary to study disability inequalities. Self-determination, inclusive environments and identity integration are key issues for adapting and/or creating the support services of tomorrow. An all-encompassing operationalisation of service provision is essential for the promotion of social inclusion of persons with disabilities.

ScalINg up: there is a clear need for service providers to scale up quickly and in a way that empowers persons with support needs to avoid the risk of segregation and institutionalisation. Existing and future service providers (entrepreneurs) need orientations on practical solutions for scaling-up effective practices allowing for the development of community-based services.
Are you IN? Then join us in our evidence-based journey to innovation in service provision!

Carmen Arroyo de Sande
EASPD Development Manager