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NASO and Plovdiv Municipality organised a forum on how to establish partnerships to increase the quality of social services

On the 25th of April the National Alliance for Social Responsibility (NASO) organized, in cooperation with the Bulgarian Municipality of Plovdiv, a regional forum that gathered together the local service providers from this Bulgarian region. The forum focused on "Partnership for better social services” and counted on the special participation of Mr. Luk Zelderloo, Secretary General of EASPD.

Mr. George Tityukov, deputy mayor of the city, welcomed the participants and Mr. Georgi Georgiev, President of NASO, by giving a speech in which he highlighted the successful partnership between his organization and the local authorities from Plovdiv. He also presented the mission and objectives of the Alliance and the opportunities for national and European partnerships, exchange of experiences and best practices in the social sector.

Mr. Luk Zelderloo, EASPD’s Secretary General, welcomed the audience and said that his first memories of Plovdiv date back 23 years. He said that for the past two decades the city has developed in a very positive way. Mr. Zelderloo gave a brief overview of the main EU policies focused on the disability sector and social inclusion. Ms. Stefana Cankova, EASPD expert, continued the theme of European policies with the EU Strategy for Persons with Disabilities, which clearly demonstrates Europe's commitment to ensuring a life without barriers for people with disabilities.


The meeting concluded with general satisfaction with the fruitfulness of this type of forum and discussion, and a desire for a stronger partnership between service providers at local and national level. The Regional Forum is part of the annual program of NASO in fulfillment of NASO’s mission to promote and support partnerships between local authorities, service providers, NGOs and employers, and to achieve a higher quality and standard of living.


Note to editors

The National Alliance for Social Responsibility (NASO) is a Bulgarian umbrella organization for local authorities, service providers, NGOs and employers from the regular labor market. NASO provides an extensive of possibilities for partnership, exchange of experience and implementation of good practices. The NASO is part of the EASPD and its President, Mr. Georgi Georgiev, is part of EASPD’s Board.


Stefana Cankova, Project and Membership Officer.