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New resources on dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic now available!

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, EASPD has continuously created, published and shared reports, guidelines and other good practices to support its members, service providers, policymakers and other stakeholders in the sector in their response to the pandemic. To make sure that these resources are used to their full potential, EASPD has created an overview on a dedicated webpage to show which materials are available, who created them, and where, and in which languages they can be accessed.
Via this webpage, EASPD will also communicate the most up-to-date and reliable information relevant for the sector, which was created by EASPD, Members or other partner institutions. The resources include webinars and other online initiatives, actions taken at European level, research and reports, communications - including Easy to read materials - and recommendations to the EU. The latest materials that have been added to the webpage are various resources concerning the upcoming COVID-19 vaccination process in Europe.
Next to this webpage, EASPD has also launched a COVID-19 Helpdesk to provide additional support for the members during the pandemic. Members can contact if they want to raise certain concerns at European Union level (for example with issues linked to their European projects) to the European Social Fund, to State Aid or Public Procurement issues, or to inform the Commission of their major challenges and requesting support. People can also get in touch if they want support specifically from EASPD in their national lobbying initiatives, for instance co-signing letters to the relevant authorities. Members who are searching for how other countries are dealing with service provision in the context of the pandemic can reach out and will be connected to EASPD’s pool of experts/volunteers.
This goes the other way around as well, EASPD will try to connect those who want to act as an expert or volunteer adviser in a specific field to other members. Lastly, the Helpdesk can be contacted by members who want to share with us useful resources produced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in their organisation and national context which may be of help for other members. These resources can be in any language, as we can look at translating. The Helpdesk webpage detailing EASPD’s support for COVID-related issues is available in EnglishDutch,  FrenchGermanGreekItalianPolishPortuguese,  Romanian and  Spanish. EASPD will do our best to respond within 24 hours to requests and questions sent to the COVID-19 Helpdesk.
Additionally, back in March 2020, EASPD initiated the ‘Joining forces’ Facebook group, which serves as a support space for members and service providers. Group members, which total to almost 500 at the moment, are encouraged to raise their concerns, ask for advice from their peers and share info on promising practices and the measures that they are implementing to ensure the safety of staff and users.