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New school year 2019 - French citizen mobilization #Icantgotoschool

“Each year it’s the same”. Here’s what you can hear from parents of children with disabilities after the school year 2019.
Unfortunately, once again this year, thousands of French children and adolescents with disabilities couldn’t start or continue their schooling. However, it is normal for any parent to aspire to a secure path for his child and a non-discriminatory access to education, but also extracurricular activities.
Due to this recurrent situation, Unapei and its partners, always committed to the right of children with disabilities to education, impulse a campaign aiming to reveal the situations of children with intellectual disabilities who cannot attend school.
Unapei and French associative partners launched a citizen mobilization through a dedicated website .
This platform aims to highlight recurrent realities of partial or total exclusion from the education systems. The website proposes to parents, students, educational professionals... to testify and to make known the reality of their journeys, a source of exclusion and loss of opportunity. Each of the testimonies makes visible the realities suffered by adolescents and children with intellectual disability and the lack of recognition of their disability by the French education system.
Despite the actions undertaken and the improvement projects carried out by the French government, the reality on the ground is quite different. The campaign invites public authorities but also the public opinion to consider the inequalities experienced by pupils with disabilities throughout France.
But France is no exception, and this reality of exclusion of disabled children and adolescents is observed in most European countries.
This campaign, and many advocacy projects carried out in several countries, confirms that the civil society will not accept to hear again “Each Year is the same” and that we will fight until the fundamental right to education becomes a reality for every child and not just words.

Clara Alibert
Europe & International Advocacy Officer, Unapei

To follow the campaign visit or search the hashtags #jaipasecole or #Icantgotoschool on twitter