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New Services for Employment


New Services for Employment 


European Social Fund, the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development”


​Agency for social development Vision :Project coordinator 
National Alliance for Social Responsibility (NASO): Project partner
EASPD: Project partner 

Main Objectives:

Overall aim: To establish and develop an international partnership with leading social service providers to study, present to interested parties in Bulgaria and to adapt to the local circumstances  the experience in the provision of effective social services, including the provision of  the supported employment as a new service.

Specific objectives:
  • In service exchange of experience between staff in the EU member countries, part  of the network of our  patner on the project -EASPD, aiming at delivering a know-how  on more efficient social services, empowering the real social inclusion, education, employment and a better quality of life of the social service users, to experts and social workers 
  • Survey, analysis and summary ot good practices on the supported employment in the EU.
  • Development of a methodology on the provision a new service such as the supported employment and shooting a film "Helping them succeed" about the stages in the provision of the new service and presenting the methodology to the The Social Support Agency - associated partner 2 on a closing event - a round table: so that the service could be opened and regulated by the State.
  • Printing and dissemination of manuals - exchange of information, good practices and experience.
  • Increasing the quality of the services, provided by the lead applicant: resulting from the experience exchange and the dissemination of the manual - as an innovative approach for VISION agency for social development.
  • Holding of a work meting with the team, responsible for the development of the methodology of the services and directly responsible for the monitoring, study and survey of the social services and the supported employment in particular. 
Main Outcomes:
  • Improving the social protection and overcoming the social isolation of the people with disabilities and the vulnerable people;
  • establishment of a supported network and enhancement of the equal participation of the people with disabilities, efficient enjoyment of their right to an independent and decent living and social inclusion;
  • The implementation of the project activities will have a positive influence on the people with disabilities  in need as they will  get a real support about their social inclusion and provision of employment on the open labor market. 
Contact details

Stefana Cankova

+32 2 282 46 10