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In the world of today, being informed about current developments is a key dimension to the work of any organisation; be it at European level, like us, or at local and regional level, like many of our members. This is why we aim to provide our members and partners with up-to-date information about the current context our sector is currently working in, as well as on the relevant legislative developments at European level. 

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EASPD regularly publishes a series of communication materials to provide data to those interested in learning more about the current work of EASPD and its members, as well as the work of the European institutions on disability or social services-related policy developments. For access to the information, please click on the following links: 

We also regularly publish a series of papers which either react to or aim to encourage new European legislative developments. EASPD also issues reports and studies presenting brand new information about the challenges and solutions the sector is currently encountering. Last but not least, in order to fully understand the context upon which we work in, we also wish to provide those interested with a series of useful documents from other organisations and institutions which can help to place, situate and explain the work we and our members do. You can find this information here: 

Similarly, we also issue an Annual Report detailing the activities that the association has done over the past year. You may find these documents by clicking on the following links:

As part of our dissemination activities, EASPD aims at collecting models of good practice from the service providers sector for persons with disabilities and showcase them through its communication channels. In this section we showcase best practices on how to promote inclusion through Employment, Education, as well as through community-based services.