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Not Patients, but Citizens with Rights


Not Patients, but Citizens with Rights – changing social care training to a human rights based model using the ECC


Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo Da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation


16 partners from 15 countries.

EASPD coordinated the project

Project Duration

The project lasted for 23 months from 01/11/2012 to 31/10/2014

Main Objectives

The project aims to change the way services are delivered and how care staff and others think about disability to reflect a human rights/social care model in tune with the UNCRPD and spread this across the EU via the European Care Certificate (ECC).

  • A shared basic Training course to deliver the BESCLO (Basic European Social Care Learning Outcomes), tailored to each country and language aimed at staff new to the sector or wanting to update their skills.
  • A Train-the-Trainer course, equipping trainers with understanding and confidence to deliver the basic Training course, using the principles of human rights, inclusion and the social model of disability - all enshrined in the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons With Disabilities
  • Up to three more countries to join the ECC partnership, recognition for the ECC Certificate in more countries and more users and partners to build up the ECC customer base.

Contact details

Katrijn Dekoninck, Project & Liaison Officer

+32 2 282 46 13