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October is all about Arts and Inclusion!

Art plays an important role in our modern lives in that it expresses individuality, creativity, and feeling. It is what visually enhances our world and our lives. Therefore everyone should be able to enjoy and participate in cultural life.

EASPD is active in supporting participation in cultural life and access to the arts for persons with disabilities. We currently have three running European projects centred on making arts and culture more accessible and inclusive for all. We will be starting October with two great events for two of these projects.

​Inclusion in Society by the Arts (ISA) is a European project that aims to rethink the place of persons with disabilities in our societies and the role civil society has to play in their inclusion. Six organisations from around Europe form the partnership, their goal is to develop an inclusive methodology in line with the UN CRPD principles to produce empowering artistic and cultural activities, on the ground, together with persons with disabilities. 

On Thursday the 3rd October we are organising a practitioners meeting for our Inclusion in Society by the Arts (ISA) project, we’ll be gathering schools, cultural centres and support service providers for interactive sessions to discuss the barriers and challenges they face. 

See the event programme here

“Audience Blending by Arts” (ABBA) is a European project which aims to explorenew ways of producing inclusive arts, for inclusive audiences. Through the creation of Sign and Sound Theatre, the project partners worked on bringing the deaf and hearing community together through inclusive bilingual theatre. Aftertwo years and 5 performances of the bilingual theatre play “Kukonor” in 5 countries, the project partners will share this experiment with all those interested in the artistic field and this unique theatre method.

On Friday 4th October the Audience Blending by the Arts (ABBA) project will be holding their final conference where we will present the results of the project and hold a policy debate on inclusive arts with representatives of the EU Institutions.

See the event programme here

We hope you will join us!

For more information please contact
EASPD Communications and Project Officer
Facilitator of EASPD's Interest Group on Arts and Culture