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Offical launch of new website for Social Employers

The Federation of European Social Employers today launched their new website. The new website provides up-to-date information about the Social Employers to relevant stakeholders; from national social services employers to the European institutions, as well as to civil society partners and professionals working in the social services sector.​

You can find the new website here

The Federation of European Social Employers represents the voice of employers in the field of social services at European level. Social service employers are some of the biggest job creators in Europe today and so contribute significantly to the European economy and also play a crucial role in implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights.

The EU funded project, PESSIS III, of which EASPD was coordinator, lies at the foundation of The Federation of European Social Employers. PESSIS III, has been followed by PESSIS+, which aims to strengthen the capacity of the Federation of European Social Employers, in view of their participation in European Social Dialogue structures.

You can read more about PESSIS III and PESSIS+ project here