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Opportunity for researcher to document Early Childhood Intervention Project in Georgia

The OSF-Early Childhood Programme (OSF-ECP) is looking for a researcher to provide support for the Enabling Childhoods - Disability Concept. The concept includes development and strengthening of early childhood intervention (ECI) system and services in Georgia, in partnership with civil society actors, including parents, leading to improved access to quality services for children at risk of developmental delays and with disabilities during their critical earliest years.

An individual consultant is expected to carry out work necessary for planning, managing and producing detailed documentation of what has been achieved in Georgia since 2011 in relation to ECI, as a result of the efforts of the Ministry of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia (MILHSA), Ministry of Education and Science (MoES), the Georgian Coalition of ECI Organizations, UNICEF, various universities, and other partners with technical support from ECP.This documentation will result in the series of reports aimed at different target groups.

The consultancy is primarily focused on carrying out objective, external, and participatory documentation of the OSF-ECP funded initiative in Georgia which has focused on improving the quality of ECI for young children at risk for and with developmental delays, disabilities, behavioural and mental health needs, and with special educational needs. Documentation will identify processes, practices and approaches that may be replicated and/or adapted for use in other post-Soviet countries. The consultant is expected to work closely with OSF Georgia, the Georgian Coalition of ECI Organizations, and the ECP team to document ECI development from 2011 to the present.

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