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Our Partnerships

1. EASPD Partnership overview

To increase our impact upon the EU’s policy-making process and thus represent the interests of our members, EASPD is involved in a variety of initiatives, organisations and working groups. Given its broad and strong partnership network, EASPD is an important EU player in the field of disability at the European level and this network is essential for EASPD to develop project ideas and consortia combining different stakeholders as well as disseminate project outcomes and outputs. As a European network, it is our aim to maintain and further these relationships over the next few years in order to improve our influence in Brussels, Strasbourg and throughout Europe. We aim to do so through the following partnerships, alliances and cooperation.


2. EASPD and political institutions interaction explained


To understand how EASPD engages the EU, first you need to know other basic information:

  • What is the European Union
  • The EU agenda and law making process
  • Who is who in the EU
  • EU bodies and institutions EASPD works with

You can find all this information in: