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Our Structure & Governance

EASPD is located in Europe's political capital, Brussels, and is run by a team of professional staff managed by our Secretary General, Luk Zelderloo. The association's President is James Crowe.

We are an independent, democratic and participatory organisation governed by an Executive Committee, a Board and a General Assembly. Each of these body's members are elected every 4 years. They define the strategic direction, steer the work of the organisation and ensure its smooth running.

The EASPD statutes are available here in English and French. The EASPD internal rules are available here. 


EASPD's work is carried out within thematic groups. There are 4 Standing Committees who address core topics of interest to service providers for persons with disabilities and 5 Interest Groups who develop research and work on more specific issues.


  • SC on Inclusive Living.
  • SC on Education, which contributes to the development of an open educational system for all.
  • SC on Employment, which covers all areas of employment and focuses on increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the open labour market.
  • Policy Impact Group (PIG), which monitors and influences European policy and legislation on the disability sector and social services of general interest.



EASPD also develops, coordinates and participates in EU-funded projects to implement good practices in our core working areas.

As such, we have developed a significant expertise in the field and like to provide our members with information regarding funding opportunities and support in applying for funding.

We additionally help our members to prepare project ideas and develop partnerships.


It is clear that our members are the association's greatest asset. They are committed to working together, to sharing best practices, to innovate and challenge established ideas.

As an organisation which represents the family of service providers for persons with disabilities throughout Europe, it is only by working together that we can find solutions to common problems, promote the achievement of sustainable results and constructively interact with the European institutions to achieve a better future for all.


EASPD Independent Complaints Committee (ICC)

EASPD is committed to working in an open, friendly and accountable way that builds the trust and respect of all our members and partners. Nevertheless, we do acknowledge that situations may arise when our members and partners may be dissatisfied by our work and/or the way we operate.
To handle such potential situations, the EASPD complaints mechanism allows listening and responding to the concerns of our members, partners and stakeholders, and treat any potential complaint which may arise efficiently and fairly in a transparent and procedurally correct manner.

The EASPD Independent Complaints Committee (ICC) will handle formal complaints, should the need arise. Its objective is to resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of all involved in a manner which is consistent with the EASPD Code of Conduct.

The current members of the EASPD ICC are:

  1. Kaiti Katsouda (Greece, Theotokos Foundation)
  2. Antonio Garcia Sabater (Spain, Fundacio Espurna)
  3. Franz Wolfmayr (Austria, Chance B)
  4. Mirela Juka (Albania, Down Syndrome Albania) – reserve member