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Participate in our workforce survey to have a chance to attend our conference for free!

EASPD has commissioned Policy Impact Lab to carry out an EASPD member survey on the state of the disability workforce in Europe. The survey aims to overview the staff recruitment intentions of disability service providers, identify skills and qualifications in high-demand and discern the most pressing training needs for staff in the sector. In addition, it will help to assess the trends and impact of new technologies on workforce development and on the provision of services among disability service providers. Collected information will be analysed and presented in a separate report available on the EASPD website. The results will help EASPD gain a better knowledge of its members’ recruitment trends and workforce development needs, and allow comparisons from year to year.
For a representative outlook on the issues under study, EASPD counts on its members to actively take part in the survey. In addition, by participating in the survey you will have an opportunity to win a fee waiver to attend the EASPD International Conference 2019 'Investing in Social Services, Investing in People', to be held on May 16-17 in Romania.  

Please note the following instructions and guidance before filling out the questionnaire.

  • This survey is designed for disability service providers (i.e. organisations that provide services directly to persons with disabilities). If your organisation is not a disability service provider, please do not take the survey and notify Policy Impact Lab about this via email:   
  • The questionnaire should be filled out by a member of senior management or human resources team, who is familiar with the organisation’s recruitment and training activities.
  • The questionnaire is available in English only. If needed, please consult an English-speaking colleague to help you complete the survey.
  • The estimated duration of the survey is 15-20 minutes. The deadline for completing the survey is 23:59 PM (GMT time) on March 26, 2019.
  • The collected data will be treated in a confidential manner and in line with the requirements set out in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Should you encounter any technical issues or have any queries, please contact Policy Impact Lab via email:    

We kindly ask you to fill out the questionnaire by clicking here