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Partnership for Dignified and Independent Life


Partnership for Dignified and Independent Life


European Social Fund, the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development” 


National Alliance for Social Responsibility (NASO): Project coordinator
EASPD: Project partner

Main Objectives:

To establish and develop an international partnership, between European and national network of service providers and to improve the quality of social services and to provide opportunities for worthy and independent life for people with disabilities in Bulgaria. 

Specific objectives:
  • Development of a “Quality standard for social services, applicable in Bulgaria, through exchange experience of good practices in Europe and their adaptation on national basis.
  • Building a National bureau to provide and distribute information, experience and “know-how” from Europe and Bulgaria on a national level. The bureau will operate through a new established web site and supporting visits. The overall aim and idea of this structure is to provide virtual and physical support for the members of NASO for provision of services with better quality.
  • In service exchange of experience between member-representatives of NASO, municipality representatives and employers in the EU member countries, part  of the network of our  partner on the project - EASPD, aiming at delivering a know-how for the management of the organizations and human resources management - expert and social workers aiming to improve their methods, on more efficient social services, empowering the real social inclusion, practical training, employment and a better quality of life of the social service users.
  • Distribution and exchange of information, good practices and experience. Conducting a national forum in which will participate a wide range of organizations and institutions.
  • Experience exchange, knowledge and ” know-how aiming to change the paradigm in the social services provision – from a medical to a social model, deinstitutionalization, community services, services consistent with the human needs, maximal involvement of the persons with disabilities in the provision of the social services and which support their social inclusion.
  • Experience exchange for managers of service providers, social committed companies and representatives of local administrations and institutions for providing European experience and knowledge for development of services for persons with disabilities and other social groups.  

Main Outcomes:

  • The development of the project offers innovative approaches;
  • Creates guarantees and quality standards for the social services for people with disabilities, effective exercise of their right of independent and worthy life and social inclusion;
  • Provision of a new structure – National bureau – which will provide information, experience and “know-how” from Europe and Bulgaria on national level
Contact details

Stefana Cankova

+32 2 282 46 10