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Person Centred Technology in 60 seconds- New EASPD Videoflash

In today’s rapidly developing societies technology and digitalisation is of increasing importance. In particular, Person Centred Technology, otherwise known as PCT, is a vital tool that can assist service providers in delivering high quality, person-centred support to those who need it as well as empower people with disabilities to live more independently.

With less than a month to go until our conference on technology and digitalisation in social care, EASPD’s Interest Group on Person Centred Technology tells us more about Person Centred Technology and how it can help service providers better support people with disabilities.

To find out more about EASPD’S Conference “Technology and digitalisation in social care,”which will be held in Barcelona, Spain on 4th-5th October and will which explore the opportunities of PCT in the social care sector and how to overcome the barriers to its full deployment, click here.