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PESSIS 2 - Promoting Employers' Social Services Organisations in Social Dialogue


PESSIS 2 - Promoting Employers' Social Services Organisations in Social Dialogue


European Commission, DG EMPL



  • Caritas Europa
  • EPR
  • European Federation of Public Service Unions
  • Public Services International Research Unit
  • Union d'Entreprises à Profit Social (UNIPSO)
  • Fédération nationale des associations gestionnaires au service des personnes handicapées (FEGAPEI)

Affiliated Entities

  • Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bundesverband e.V. (AWO), Volkshilfe Österreich - SOLIDAR’s members
  • Vereniging Gehandicaptenzorg Nederland (VGN)

Associated Partners

  • Eurodiaconia
  • Workability Europe
  • Social Services Europe

EASPD plays the role of project coordinator.


Project Duration

The project will last 12 months from 01/11/2013 - 30/10/2014.

Main Objectives

The project focuses on the social and economic role of the social services sector and its major contribution to employment and growth in Europe. It is the follow up of the project PESSIS and represents the second step of a longer term process aiming at establishing a representative platform for employers in the social services sector at European level. The extended mapping exercise, the SWOT analysis and the discussion at national and EU level should ultimately lead to the creation of a sectoral social dialogue committee at European level representing the employers of social services and trade unions representing the workers in the sector.

Main Outcomes
  • 6 national research reports and 6 national stakeholder meetings; an updated Final European report
  • 5 focus groups and 5 national conclusions of the SWOT analysis; 5 roundtables and 5 national roadmaps towards European social dialogue
  • 4 meetings on EU social dialogue and a seminar on the conclusions
  • Dissemination of project achievements and a final conference in September 2014



Final Conference

Contact Details

Thomas Bignal, Policy and Communications Officer

+32 2 282 46 11