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Platform-K awarded Culture prize from the City of Ghent

EASPD Belgian members Platform-K were awarded the Culture prize from the City of Ghent on the 9th November, 2018. This year's focus was on  'Talent development', an area in which Platform-K excel. The jury, composed of 5 experts in the field, unanimously decided that they deserved the win. "The artistic vibe of Platform-K is appreciated both nationally and internationally," said Annelies Storms, Gents alderman for Culture. "That makes them a true ambassador for dance and for Ghent." 

Platform-K is not your average dance company. They make professional dance productions with dancers with and without disabilities. They investigate how dancers with a disability can exert a fundamental influence on the world of contemporary dance and on how that dance can develop in the future. This way they hope to fill a gap in the Flemish stage landscape. Although Flanders is internationally appreciated in the field of dance, they are lagging behind in the field of inclusive dance. Platform-K is taking the lead in helping Flanders catch up with other countries!

Visit Platform-K 's website to find out more