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Project DESC: promoting equal opportunities and securing professional career paths for young people with disabilities in Europe

The project was inaugurated in October 2014 in Paris and was promoted during the EASPD International Conference in Zadar (Croatia) “Persons with Disabilities in Employment: Inclusion through Jobs - Making it Real“.


DESC promotes equal opportunities in the labour market, its overarching goal being to secure professional career paths for young people with disabilities in Europe. DESC’s first key task will be to create a guide of best practise in the field of employment of people with disabilities. These models  of  good  practise  will  be  disseminated  amongst  social  and  employment  services throughout  Europe,  to  give  young  disabled  people  access  to  high  quality  job  opportunities. EASPD  and  the  project’s  3  additional  partners  will  gather  cases  of  best  practise,  and  aim  to publish and promote the completed guide in 2015.


The  project  was  inaugurated  in  October  2014  in  Paris,  and  is  coordinated  by  the French association L’ADAPT  (association  pour  l’insertion  sociale  et  professionnelle  des  personnes handicapées).  L’ADAPT  organises  the  very  successful  ‘semaine  pour  l’emploi  des  personnes handicapées,’ (week for the employment of people with disabilities) an annual event that seeks to  mobilize  in  France,  as  many  employers  and  employees  as  possible,  to  develop  strategic partnerships,  and  encourage  reflection  and  concrete  actions  for  the  better  career  security  of people with disabilities. 2014’s event was the 18th edition of L’ADAPT’s employment week, and involved 450 actions and activities throughout France. DESC hopes to transpose this model to the European level, establishing a European employment week for persons with disabilities.


To support the realisation of the European Disability Employment Week (EDEW) in other countries, the project partners will offer short-term training events for social workers, using a training session framework based on the French version starting in 2016. Since the beginning of 2015, DESC partners are preparing all the promotional material for the project such as the logo (produced Scuola Viva and the Leaflet (produced by EASPD).

On top of that, DESC Project partners will organise several events to promote and disseminate the concept.

  • INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES: Brussels (2015), Paris (2016 and 2017)
  • PARTNER COUNTRIES’ EVENTS (Spain, Italy and Belgium) 


Some of the actions and activities developed in France will be presented during the trainings to help and support local and national partners to organise the Week also in their countries. Below you can see two VIDEO SUMMARIES briefly describing the French Experience:

If you wish to know more about the project, please do not hesitate to contact one of the DESC partners:

L’ADAPT is a French NGOs that provides different kind of services for 14.000 people of all ages and with all types of disability in order to improve their social and professional inclusion.

Scuola Viva is a rehabilitation, research and training centre in the field of intellectual disabilities, but not only, that focus on the personal development and social inclusion and participation of users.

Fundación Emplea is a non-profit foundation created in 2008 that aims at enhancing the methodology of Supported Employment and innovation in employment programs for vulnerable groups.

EASPD is a non-profit European umbrella organization, established in 1996, and currently representing over 11.000 social and health services for persons with disabilities.