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Project Opportunities

One of EASPD's key aims is to work for the promotion of innovation in the health and social care sector, in particular regarding persons with disabilities, but also the provision of quality services. Over the years, we have been highly successful in providing our members with opportunities to develop EU-financed research projects, either by coordinating them or alternatively by being a partner. As such, EASPD has developed over the years an expertise on developing successful projects and uses this know-how to support and help its members in accessing such opportunities; through, for example, Project Development Workshops.


EASPD provides its members with a network of over 17,000 fellow European Service Providers. This gives the opportunity for each member to learn from what happens in other countries and exchange best practices. EASPD also informs its members of potential project opportunities and can organise a means in which interested actors can meet and on the long-term team up on one or more projects. Read more on membership


EASPD organises at least once a year a Project Development Workshop. These workshops allow both EASPD and our members to share their "tips and tricks" regarding project applications, managing projects and implementing them. It also provides our members with opportunities to share best practices and debate ideas for future project opportunities. As a whole, these workshops aim to help members gather additional know-how in order to improve their work regarding project development, and thus gain access to further funding opportunities. Read more