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PUSH Europe

Practice and Understanding in Supported Housing
PUSH Europe

What is it?

In November 2012, EASPD, FEANTSA and CECODHAS established an informal network called PUSH Europe: “Practice and Understanding in Supported Housing”. The first meeting of this network took place in Paris on the 9th November 2012 and was co-organised by FEANTSA, CECODHAS and EASPD. This meeting followed a 1.5 day Consultation on integrated housing and services organised by the OECD, which brought together international policymakers to discuss how best to integrate housing and other social and health services. Their aim was to improve outcomes for people with high support needs, including those who are disabled, elderly, and homeless.

Why is it relevant?

The aim of PUSH Europe is to deliver positive outcomes for people with support needs through practical exchange on the integration of services and housing. To this end, it brings together European supported housing practitioners that deliver and build capacity in affordable housing with support. 
Supported housing for groups with support needs is increasingly important in Europe. This reflects the change from institutional to community-based social services. There is a growing recognition of people’s rights to live independently, in dignity and to be included in the community, as well as to choose their place of residence, where and with whom they wish to live. In practice, the recognition of these rights means a growing need for housing that is integrated with support that people with support needs require to participate in everyday life. 


Future activities

PUSH Europe will contribute to the development and improvement of supported housing by identifying, sharing, developing and transferring expertise and good practices. PUSH is open to participation of representative organisations, support service providers, housing providers, practitioners and others.
PUSH Europe will carry out a range of activities including mutual learning and transnational exchange; training and professional development; testing and scaling up of innovation; development and implementation of European projects (research, social experimentation, lifelong learning) and events. PUSH Europe will seek to help supported housing practitioners cooperate and make full use of opportunities within the EU framework.


ACSC, (France), AEDES, (Netherlands), FAPIL, (France), Fédération des Pact, (France), Groupe SOS, (France), HACT, (UK), Husbanken, (Norway), ICSH, (Ireland), LHF, (UK), Mental Health Europe, NCHA, (UK), Newgrove Housing Association, (Ireland), Simon Communities, (Ireland), Sitra, (UK), UNAFO, (France), University of Ulster, (UK), USH, (France), Y Foundation, (Finland).


For more information or to know how your organisation can get involved in PUSH Europe, please contact:

EASPD: Sabrina Ferraina
FEANTSA: Ruth Owen 
CECODHAS: Julien Dijol

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