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Put the puzzle together: 2015 EASPD Project Development Workshop


Put the puzzle together: 2015 EASPD Project Development Workshop

Day & time: 6 May 14h00-17h30,
Venue: Hotel Adriana, Zadar

Registration via EASPD Zadar Annual Conference 2015:

Putting all the pieces together can be challenging. You have all those shapes (funding streams), forms (project ideas) and colors (different partner profiles)... but how to get the final picture without getting puzzled? The 2015 edition of the EASPD Project Development Workshop wants to offer participants with 2 EXTRA DIMENSIONS on how to reach your goal! We will follow a “3D approach”:



esign:  the current EU Programming Period 2014-2020 holds lots of opportunities to fund innovative ideas and projects. Although the numerous programmes and initiatives have different features, the development and implementation of projects in practice follow common rules. The inaugural plenary session will be dedicated to present the different EC budget lines and programmes and to explain the step-by-step procedure that supports the different stages of Project Cycle Management.


issemination: you don´t have to start from scratch! There are already hundreds of examples and you can be inspired by them. During this event you will also have the opportunity to get to know some EU projects in which EASPD and its members are taking part. And you will hear this from the organizations that are directly involved! Of course, you can also bring your dissemination materials from the projects you may be working on.

evelopment: we want to spark ideas and make the most out of any of them! This year there is no need to send your project ideas in advance to be then selected for a presentation on the spot. Participants will be split in several thematic groups (employment, education, independent living, person-centered technology and workforce development & HR) and each group will have to come up with a specific project idea. We will all then meet together for the final plenary session where a group discussion will hopefully lead us to the recipe for success!

In addition, this year you will have the opportunity to further develop your project idea: the workshops session on Thursday afternoon will also reflect on innovative ideas on inclusive employment so you can bring to this session all you have learnt and discussed during the Project Development Workshop!


Join us in Zadar for this new 3D project planning experience!