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Registrations open - EurlyAid ECI Conference 2018

​Registrations are open for EurlyAid's Early Childhood Intervention Conference, taking place in Kharkiv, Ukraine from the 10 to 12 October 2018. 

​The conference's theme is Early Childhood Intervention: changing paradigms through participatory practices with families, professionals and society. To realize a successful transition towards a modern ECI system, there is a need for paradigm shift and participatory approach in the work with families, training of professionals and development of community based services.

Participatory (capacity-building) practices are practices that take a proactive stance, as opposed to a deficit-oriented or treatment approach, and involve children and families use of existing strengths as well as the acquisition of new competencies to support families in ways that help them have the  skills, knowledge, time and energy to promote competence and other positive aspects of child and family functioning and development.

The aims of the conference  to support and contribute to:

1) constructive impact on the main recipients of ECI: children and families and to improve inclusion and quality of life

2) constructive impact on professionals because they are providers within these practices and it implies ways of delivering services. Knowledge and awareness are key elements.

3) constructive impact on organisational and political level towards governments, local and national, that provide these services.

Learn more and register in the conference website.