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Renewed commitment on disability in the EU Agenda

The new year brought many developments in the EU policy agenda. 

European Commission Workplan for 2020 was released on the 29 January and it became clear that many important files that will be discussed this year will require an engagement with support services along their entire offer spectrum. From an impact on children with a brand-new Child Guarantee, to renewed opportunities for youth through an updated Youth Guarantee to a more solid action plan for Europe’s ageing population with a Green paper on Ageing, the EC Workplan is reaching out to all fields. Many of the European Commission’s proposals have the potential to set the path for innovative support systems for those that are most at risk of poverty and social exclusion in the European Union. 

The beginning of the year also marked two important milestones. Firstly, the announcement of a much-awaited European Disability Strategy to be launched in 2021, which hopefully will be ambitious enough to steer and guide all stakeholders in the promotion of quality inclusive living.  

Secondly, the European Parliament has re-established its Disability Intergroup, which will surely be fundamental to promote inclusion.  

More is needed to ensure access to quality education, employment, community-living and ultimately to #fundinclusion. More information from EASPD on the EU developments will follow in the coming weeks! 


Sabrina Ferraina 
EASPD Policy Manager