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Report Release: Country Fact Sheets on Social Care & Support Services Sector for Persons with Disabilities - 2017

EASPD is pleased to announce that 10 Country Fact Sheets on “Social Care & Support Services Sector for Persons with Disabilities” are now available online.

As part of its commitment to expand knowledge base on the Social Care and Support Services (SCSS) Sector in Europe, EASPD commissioned the research “Country Fact Sheets on Social Care & Support Services Sector for Persons with Disabilities”, awarded to the Policy Impact Lab.
The aim of the fact sheets is to reflect the state of play of the social care and support services sector for persons with disability, namely:

  • the type of services available for the different life-course stages (e.g. Early Childhood Intervention, Education Support, Employment Support, Day Care, Living Support, Long-Term Institutional Care and Respite Care, Leisure and Social-Life Support);
  • the nature of service providers in each of the indicated service subsectors;
  • their target groups (age range, type of disability);
  • their financing and governance; as well as
  • any plans for substantial reform or regulation relating to this type of service delivery.

The following 10 countries were selected for the 1st round of the research: Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Ireland, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom. In the future, EASPD plans to produce Fact sheets for other European countries.