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The right to vote! Handéo releases guide to support persons with disabilities enjoy their right to vote

On The French Act of 23rd March 2019, on programming 2018-2022 and reform for justice repealed article 5 of the Electoral Code, which allowed the guardianship judge to deprive the person under guardianship of his or her right to vote.

Following this repeal, individuals who are under guardianship will be able to exercise their right to vote after having registered on the electoral lists before May 16. As a result, France has joined the list of countries who allow people under guardianship to vote, as seen in the map below:

In light of this law change, Handéo, partner of EASPD’s member, Nexem, has released an updated version of its guide "how to promote access to voting for people with disabilities".

This guide provides services accompanying people with disabilities recommendations for how they can make the right to vote accessible by:

  • Raise awareness among the disabled person's family and friends;
  • Encourage the creation of FALC materials (easy to read and understand) for candidates' programs and websites (who can disseminate their dematerialized profession of faith in FALC on a dedicated website).
  • Encourage candidates to adapt their speeches at meetings so that they are more accessible (translation into sign language or FALC for example);
  • Organize scenarios to recreate a fictitious polling station;
  • Organize civic education workshops to familiarize all people with civic life and the electoral process.

You can download this guide (In French) by clicking here