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Roadmap on deinstitutionalisation: making community-based services a reality

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) has brought a change in the way society views people with disabilities and the services they use. One of EASPD’s goals is to promote the implementation of the UN CRPD.

Service providers are being asked to think about how social services are provided to persons with disabilities. No more should the medical model of care be relied upon, where a person simply receives care chosen for him. Instead, a social rights model is preferred because a person has a greater ability to make choices for himself and become an active citizen in his community.

This change requires the development of new services as well as integrating the ideas of inclusivity and individualized approaches to create a new social rights model of disability. All over Europe, social services have been developed in a different way for historical, cultural, socio-economic and political reasons. The changes that this shift of model requires cannot be implemented over night. There will be challenges, especially in the area of long term and/or intensive care for persons with disabilities. 

EASPD acknowledges these challenges and is committed to working on the issues in the coming years. A roadmap has been created to help service providers implement policies that are in line with this change in how social services are provided to persons with disabilities.   It can be viewed here.

The full text “Making community-based services a reality - Roadmap on deinstitutionalisation” is available here.