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Smart4Health explains how their health data sharing application works in new video!

The world is moving towards a more digitised way of life. It seems as though there is a mobile application for everything now and Smart4Health has proven how even some trips to the doctor can be done virtually. The Smart4Health project has launched a mobile application which allows EU citizens to better manage, store and share their health-related data. 

The mobile application helps the user to keep track of all their medical data in a digital format where it is securely stored. The user can then easily share this data with healthcare professionals and trusted contacts. The app also provides the option to share medical data to aid future research. 


In line with this application, they published an informative video on YouTube which helps the viewers go through the entire mobile application, guiding them on efficiently sharing their medical data. A patient’s medical history and data is sensitive information which should be shared only with people that they trust. The application builds a strong system to ensure that the patient is able to share their x-rays and other documents with verified doctors. 

The video goes on to explain the opening and closing of a session and the ease with which both the patient and the doctor interact with one another.  In its final segment it mentions an important outcome of this application, which is that doctors can now allocate time and attention to real time patients that require physical assistance.   

The Smart4Health enables citizens to manage and bridge their own health data throughout the EU and beyond, advancing own and societal health and wellbeing. The project is mainly funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research programme. The high-speed bandwidth in smart phones and increased outreach through these phones would only empower EU citizens to manage their own medical data and ensure they get good healthcare assistance.