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Social Platform launch recommendations for an economy of wellbeing at Flagship Conference in Helsinki

On the 16th-18th September the Social Platform hosted their 2nd annual flagship conference in Helsinki. Attracting over 150 participants the conference hosted a number of panels, thematic workshops, study visits and a high-level round table with national government representatives including the current and forthcoming EU Presidencies.

Conference participants joined Social platform in putting forward a number of recommendations on an economy of wellbeing approach that includes everyone.

The Social Platform's recommendations call for an Economy of Wellbeing which encompasses a long-term approach that looks at the impact of decisions and policies on people’s lives, is based on a participatory governance structure and last but not least ensures socioeconomic and environmental justice for all, within the framework of the need of implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights and the Agenda 2030.

Within this the recommendations highlight several key features that must be present in the economy of well-being including:

  • Adequate working conditions
  • Ensuring health equity and social justice in Europe
  • Fighting homelessness in Europe
  • Ensuring long-term care in Europe
  • Funding community-based social services in Europe
  • Funding a long-term comprehensive approach to migrant inclusion in Europe

For a more detailed reference to the recommendations please click here.