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Staff training on Self-directed Support piloted by SKILLS project

A joint staff training event on Self-directed support took place on June 3-5, 2018 in Glasgow, UK. The training, which was developed by the EU-funded SKILLS project (Erasmus+ programme), was delivered to frontline staff from service providing organisations involved in the project. EASPD member from Greece, Sophia Karagouni of VTC MARGARITA, took part in the event.

The reason behind MARGARITA’s participation was their interest in the model of Self-Directed Support in order to study methods in which it can be developed in Greece. According to Ms. Karagouni, the training event was very productive. During the three days,  educational activities were organised that focused on the development of theoretical and practical knowledge. Professionals with high expertise on the subject were present to share their experience.

During the training MARGARITA’s representative had the chance to discuss about the impact and challenges of Self-directed support and map MARGARITA’s steps to develop Self-directed support in Greece using SKILLS’ intellectual outputs and network.

Contributor to the article: Sophia Karagouni