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Survey: A New Approach to Designing Accessible Transport Systems

The TRIPS project wants to put disabled users in the driving seat of innovation by involving them early in the design of transport systems. As a result, the TRIPS Mobility Survey has been launched as an opportunity for you to give your input on the design of transport systems.

We are in a period of redesigning and reinvesting in urban transport systems in European cities. New transport systems are becoming increasingly popular and according to experts, these solutions may solve many of today’s transport issues in cities. But are they truly accessible for everyone? How can we design them so that transport provides equal opportunities for all people to travel independently in the future?

Only if disabled users are involved in the early stages of design can we successfully build transport systems that are truly accessible. This survey, therefore, gives disabled users in the driving seat of transport innovation the chance to provide honest opinions and views about these new, and increasingly popular, mobility solutions. The survey is available to take in 15 languages.


If you face mobility issues due to an impairment and you are interested to take part in the survey, please make sure to read our participant information sheet below before we transfer you to our survey page.

Click here for the participant information sheet.

Click here to access the survey page.