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Towards Creative Inclusion in Adult Education!

The Creative Inclusion in Adult Education (CIAE) project came to an end on the 31st October with a successful conference held in Cork, Ireland. Over 100 participants gathered to hear from inspiring speakers from organisations such as art galleries and inclusive art centres. Organisations that had been selected by the project as promising practice examples in the area of arts educations for adult learners with disabilities were also invited to present their work. It was a great success and the conference closed with a moving performance by musical group “Les Tambours de la Chapelle”.
Visit the CIAE project’s website to see what the partnership has produced over the last two years. You will be able to find:

-Report on European policy frameworks and promising practice examples of creative inclusion in adult education
-Guidelines for the Creative Inclusion of Adult Education


​-A link to EASPD’s e-learning hub DLOT where you will find a knowledge centre with information on inclusive arts education and the broader inclusive arts practice for stakeholders such as service providers, practitioners and academia


-A selection of useful apps chosen by the CIAE partnership that can be helpful for persons with disabilities in education and the arts as well as other areas such as mobility and transport 


The project may have ended but EASPD and partners will keep on working on the creative inclusion of persons with disabilities! Watch this space!