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Towards the national deployment of the "Life Project Assistant" initiative in France

EASPD member, Nexem has welcomed the decision of French Secretary of State to the Prime Minister for Persons with Disabilities, Sophie Cluzel, to incorporate the modeling and deployment of the organisation’s ‘Life Project Assistant’ initiative into France’s national roadmap. The organisation, who presented this initiative at EASPD’s Montonegro Conference in October 2017, has expressed its support for this latest move, to implement the project at a national level.

"It's about offering a range of solutions that meet the expectations expressed by people, flexible and agile solutions, re-adjustable, based on all actors in the city. It is also necessary to take the time to bring out the project of life and support the person in its realization,” said the minister during a meeting with Nexem on 11th January 11, 2019 which formed a part of France’s National Disability Conference.

Nexem has been piloting this innovative project since 2016, in partnership with Ocirp and the KLESIA Group's complementary pension institutions. Developed with the aim of providing additional support for families and carers of persons with disabilities, the Life Project Assistant’ (LPA) initiative is fully committed to this course. Through an approach centered on the expectations and the choices of the beneficiaries, it brings users of the service the support of a professional known as a ‘Life Project Assistant. This individual assists families in the implementation of goals of their choosing and also facilitates the mobilization of common law with the help of the experts, thus allowing access to resources adapted to the life of the person with a disability and his/her family.

It is precisely this function that the Minister wishes to deploy at the national level by 2020.

The LPA scheme now benefits to more than 400 families in the frame of five associations in eight territories.[1]  After two years of experimentation, the initiative and activities of the LPAs are currently the subject of an impact survey with the scientific support of ACTé laboratory of Clermont-Auvergne University.

To hear the testimonials (in French) of families and professionals who have participated in the project, click here.


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