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Two workshops in Budapest on “The new dimension in social protection towards community based living”

The Hungarian organisation FSZK (Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities) organises two international workshops to exchange the experiences and examine the results of the project “New dimension in social protection towards community based living”. The workshops will take place in Budapest on 1st April and 17th June 2016.


During the first workshop speakers will present the results of the research carry out within the framework of the project “New dimension in social protection towards community based living”. The research includes a comparative study of different European countries and the characteristics of the Hungarian social protection system.


The second workshop will focus on the policy development needed to improve the cost-effectiveness of social protection for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The workshop will include the participation of Hungarian experts working on policy proposals and reform strategies based on the results of the research.
The number of the participants is limited up to 15 persons.


FSZK can contribute to the travelling and accommodation expenses up to 180 EUR/ person/ workshop. They ensure the contribution to the expenses of the first 10 applicants / workshops.



For more information contact Ms. Petra KELEMEN


Note to editors

The Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (FSZK) is a non-profit association established by the Hungarian State with the aim of promoting equal rights, social integration and complex rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. Its mission is to contribute to create a society where everyone with disability can participate equally as a full citizen. FSZK is the legal successor of the Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities Public Foundation, which was reorganized as of December 21, 2011 by the Minister of Human Resources. FSZK has more than 10 years of experience in operating with about 90 employees. It runs a Professional Knowledge Centre, works on the systematic development of the support and institution system involved in complex rehabilitation. Further, it assists integration with initiating policy level changes, as well as research and development projects. FSZK also provides a wide variety of training programs and consultancy services.