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UNAPEI: The French government waives its appeal before the Council of State on Amélie’s case

Established in 1960, the National Union of Associations of parents of persons with intellectual disabilities and their friends (UNAPEI) is a French association working for the representation and advocacy of people with intellectual disabilities and is a member of EASPD. Currently concerned with the case of Amélie Latch, a young disabled woman that has been struggling to find a healthcare structure willing to take her in charge, UNAPEI has engaged a legal procedure against the French government in order to guarantee fundamentals right for the disabled.

On the 23rd of October the French government announced that it had appealed the judgment of the Administrative Court of Cergy Pontoise that had provided a place for Amélie in a medical structure. The government’s decision generated great indignation from UNAPEI and all the associations representing disabled persons, eventually forcing Marie-Arlette Carlotti, minister delegate for disabled people and the fight against exclusion, to state to the Joint Committee of associations representing people with disabilities and parents of disabled children that the government was withdrawing its appeal. Mrs. Carlotti also announced that the government would establish a system for managing emergencies and pledged that a solution will be found promptly.

UNAPEI is indeed satisfied with the government’s response to the issue. However, Amélie’s case is not an isolated one as thousands of people whose needs have already been identified by state services remain unresolved. Some families have already committed the irreparable, others are exhausted: it is necessary to help them without any further delay. UNAPEI will continue to identify the most critical situations and will submit them to the Minister so that a quick solution can be found.

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