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UNICEF call on EU to strengthen socially inclusive care, to support and protect the rights of all children

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) have released their latest document “Ending institutionalization and strengthening family and community-based care for children in Europe and beyond” with a call for policymakers to assist in the transition from institutional to community-based care.
Developed in consultation with a wide variety of civil society groups, including EASPD and the European Expert Group on Transition from Institutional to Community Based Care (EEG), of which EASPD is a member, the document was presented to policy-makers at the high-level event “Family and Community Based Care for Children across Europe: Lessons Learned and Commitments for Action at National and EU Levels.”
The document highlights the importance of transitioning children, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups from institutions to family- and community-based care. In its closing remarks the document recommends a number key actions the European Union should take, in its development of the next EU Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027, to strengthen its efforts to end the institutionalisation of all children.
These actions include:

  • Preserving the principles that are already attached to the EU Structural and Investment Funds - the so-called “ex ante conditionality 9.1” which require national deinstitutionalisation plans and prevent the use of the ESI funds for building or maintaining institutions;
  • Prioritising the transition to community-based care in all EU funds;
  • Mainstreaming family and community-based care into every relevant EU policy area, and champion socially inclusive care and;
  • Funding socially inclusive actions in the next Multi-Annual Financial Framework.

To read the document in full click here.