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Videoflash Nº31 - The pathway to inclusion: Towards more inclusive learning environments

Meet Yanis. Football mad, he is like most other boys growing up in France, where he lives and goes to school.  Unlike many others however Yanis has a pervasive developmental disorder which means that he has additional support needs whilst in the classroom.

Initially, Yanis was placed in a specialised classroom, separated from his peers and unable to progress alongside them.

Follow Yanis for the day and watch his path towards an inclusive education in a mainstream school.   


Yanis’s story is not unique however. Access to education and lifelong learning programmes in mainstream schools and other educational facilities are still far from being the reality for many pupils and learners with disabilities and support needs.

EASPD and its Standing Committee on Education believe that open and inclusive education systems are achievable for everyone and is committed to making this a reality across Europe.
To do this the commitment of all stakeholders is needed and EASPD’s Standing Committee on Education recommend that:

  • Sufficient financial support should be allocated for mainstream education settings to provide inclusive environments.
  • The Universal Design concept needs to be implemented in the infrastructure and curricula.
  • Training on inclusive education should be included in the teacher training system.
  • Awareness should be raised for the importance of inclusive education and positive attitudes towards inclusion and diversity promoted.

Read our Salzburg Declaration on moving ‘Towards more inclusive learning environments’ here to find out what can be done to create inclusive learning environments for all across Europe.

This video was created with the support and hard work of our member, Centre de la Gabrielle, who we would like to thank for their hard work.

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