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On the way to inclusive education for all: IIIS Update

Over the last 3 years project partners from Belgium, Germany, Finland, Spain and Austria have worked together in the Implementing Inclusion in Schools (IIIS) project. Starting in 2016 the project aimed to promote the implementation of inclusion competences among staff and to transfer inclusion theory into practice in primary and secondary schools.

Whilst working alongside 10 pilot schools in Germany, Finland, Spain and Austria the IIIS partner have developed a number of training modules, informative videos and a coaching guide to support individuals as they implement inclusion in their schools. As the project draws to an end the sixth, and final, IIIS newsletter details how these tools can help schools on their journey to inclusion and share’s the project partner’s top tips, on how you can make inclusive education successful.

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To find out more about the project, and to access its tools, visit the project website here.