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What does Europe do for you?

As a part of its ‘What Europe Does for Me’ campaign, which aims to raise awareness for the benefits that EU membership has for Member States, the EU has launched a new website to showcase how EU funded projects are contributing to the development of your region, profession or favourite interests.

Launched by the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, on Wednesday 14th November, the website explains some of the EU’s key policies and gives users the opportunity to find out more about how the EU is making a positive difference to the lives of Europe’s citizens.

Split into three key sections, the first section, ‘in my region’ allows users to select the place where they and their family live or work and find out how the EU has positively contributed to the development of these regions. 

The second section: ‘In my life’, lets each user select from 400 ‘one-pagers’ to find things that are important to them personally. These pages cover topics such social rights, transport, healthcare, consumer choices, leisure activities and various professions.

The final section provides longer briefing papers on EU policies ‘in focus.’ These papers outline some of the achievements of the current parliamentary term, and the outlook for the future, with a special focus on public opinion and citizens’ concerns and expectations of EU action.

The website is part of a broader effort by the EU to encourage EU citizens to go out and vote in the upcoming May 2019 European Parliament elections.
To find out what the EU does for your region, sector and to support your interests visit