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What role for the EU in the funding of social services? Whose role is it anyway?

The European Union has proved itself to be a key contributor to the development and funding of quality community-based care and support services across Europe, often effectivity promoting quality elements and innovation in the sector, at least in comparison to most national policies.

But what is the reality of the EU’s role when national and regional authorities continue to be the main actors in the funding of social care and support? On 16th-17th May EASPD joined over 250 sector leaders at its European Conference ‘Investing in Social Services, Investing in People’ to explore what more the EU can do to ensure the adequate funding of support services.  

These discussions included key recommendations, such as the timely approval of the next long-term EU budget, which should provide funding opportunities for social service providers, as well as further investment into research and data collection, to highlight the economic and social consequences of underinvesting in social care and support.

With the European elections fast approaching however, before we look to what the EU can do, we must look to what we can do, to ensure that the EU plays a key role in the funding of high-quality support services for persons with disabilities. On the 23rd -26th May its important that we fulfil our role, as citizens of Europe, to vote to #FundInclusion and for the Europe that we want to see made a reality. So, go vote!