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Who’s responsible? New report explores what employers and lawmakers can do to improve employment opportunities for of people with disabilities

As a part of a recent study, Liz Sayce, former Chief Executive of Disability Rights UK, has published a report that explores what employers and lawmakers could do to improve the employment prospects of people with disabilities.

The report is the result of 2 rounds of qualitative research, in which Disabled Person Organizations, charities, academics, employers, trade unions and policy experts were asked to discuss which new policy recommendations could best influence employers to improve the employment prospects and pay of persons with disabilities.

Following this research, the report proposes 4 new policy initiatives that can help to re-align citizenship responsibilities between Government, business and people with disabilities. These proposals also aim to enhance the accountability and responsibility of employers as well as provide them with further support.

These proposals include:

  • Greater transparency with the collection and publishing of ‘intelligent data’ by larger employers to enable them to understand their employment and pay for people with disabilities.
  • Governments sharing the ‘cost’ and ‘risk’ of accommodating people with disabilities in the workplace. This could include providing employers with financial support to make physical adaptation to their workplace or cover the sick pay of employees with disabilities.
  • The greater exploration of strategic, smart regulation to support improved substantive employment opportunities for disabled people by Equality commissions.
  • The greater representation of persons with disabilities. This includes the greater representation of persons with disabilities in networks for disabled employers and in Trade Unions; in the job opportunities available in each sector and in transport, education and care laws.

To read the Full Report click here or read the Easyread executive summary here.